Overview of Our Services

Electromagnetic fields are more in the news than ever. Have your home tested. We do EMF / Electromagnetic & power line fields consulting including RF (Radio Frequency), and smart meters.


EMF Survey & Measurement Services

Available for both residential and commercial clients with an immediate verbal report and a comprehensive full report a few days after the inspection. I include onsite education on EMF and help with immediate assistance to reduce harmful exposure.

RF (Radio Frequency Exposure) Scans and Evaluations

My team and I test RF emissions for intensity in order to determine sources and help with remediation solutions according to the precautionary guidelines as determined by the Building Biology Institute in Germany.

Magnetic / Electric / RF & EMF Shielding Consultations

If you are concerned about possible excessive electromagnetic energy, I am fully qualified to assess, troubleshoot and make sound recommendations to fix or mitigate the situation.

Electrical Wiring Issues from excessive EMF Fields

One of the most common sources of high EMF fields inside the home is improper wiring. I can detect these problems and either assist in fixing the wiring or installing dirty electricity filters that absorb the excessive radiation.

Preliminary Construction Surveys and Pre-Purchase Scenarios

I’m frequently called out to construction sites before a structure is built. I can make construction recommendations for minimizing electromagnetic field emissions for safety and electromagnetic interference concerns.

Another common request is to measure the EMF intensity in potential new homes, apartments, or condos. Our team checks for the potential impact of nearby powerlines, substations, transformers, cell towers and other EMF/RF generating sources.

by Paul Singer

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