Are Radio Frequencies Harmful To Your Health?

What are Radio Frequencies? Radio Frequencies (RF) are a type of non-ionizing radiation that fit within the wider spectrum of Electromagnetic Frequencies (EMF). What Causes RF Radiation? These frequencies are caused by the flow of wireless data through the air from one location to another. Some examples of these causes or sources are: Cell towers CellContinue reading “Are Radio Frequencies Harmful To Your Health?”

EMF home inspections in Toronto. We test for electromagnetic frequencies with advanced EMF meters.

EMF inspections and testing in Toronto

The hidden factors that contribute to Autism. Learn the facts and how to reduce the likelihood in your children.

Studies: Environment toxins can cause Autism Leading health authority, Dr. Joe Mercola, writes, “Three decades ago, when I was still in medical school, autism affected one in 10,000 children. What changed between then and now to cause one in 50 children to become autistic?” Research is pointing to “excessive exposure to toxins from multiple sources…”Continue reading “The hidden factors that contribute to Autism. Learn the facts and how to reduce the likelihood in your children.”

EMF Grand Rapids Michigan

We do EMF testing and inspections in Grand Rapids and all major cities in Michigan. EMF Home Inspections does professional Electromagnetic Field (EMF) surveys and testing services from Holland to Grand Rapids, Lansing, Kalamazoo and Detroit. We inspect houses, condo’s, and workplaces. We measure electromagnetic field strength to comply with the most trusted safety guidelines.Continue reading “EMF Grand Rapids Michigan”

EMF inspections in St. Catharines and area.

Professional EMF Inspections Concerned about EMF? You are wise to look into this hot topic and to seek professional advice on how to reduce EMF exposure. I am an EMF inspector providing testing services in St Catharines and surrounding area in the Niagara Peninsula, including Grimsby, Stoney Creek, etc. My experience and background includes hundredsContinue reading “EMF inspections in St. Catharines and area.”