EMF Inspections and Testing in Toronto, Chicago, and beyond

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What are EMFs?

emf testing and inspections

EMF refers to electromagnetic fields that can pose health problems with too much exposure. They come from electricity and from wireless such as cellular and Wi-Fi. All of these can be harmful.

What we do & locations

EMF testing and report

We test for EMFs, including Dirty Electricity, & Radio Frequency radiation. We are in Toronto, Chicago, and have a network of Geovital EMF inspectors across Canada and the U.S.



testing EMF near power lines, cell towers

Wondering about nearby power lines or cell towers? We’ll come onsite and tell you immediately whether they are safe or not. We’re trained by GEOVITAL Academy in radiation detection and protection. We test for all 4 types of harmful EMF using professional meters. Immediate verbal summary of findings and same day written report. We’ll show you the intensity of EMFs within the property and discuss your options.

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