EMF electromagnetic Inspections and Remediation

You want to buy a house or condo but it’s near high voltage power lines. Find out if it’s safe.

Our specialty is to help new home buyers find out for sure if that new residence they want to buy is safe or not. We will come to the property and measure the strength of the magnetic and electric radiation coming from the power lines. We’ll give you an on-the-spot answer: “safe” or “not safe,” discuss your options, and provide clear third-party guidelines on safe levels of exposure.

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Existing home owners, an EMF Inspection is the only way to know if the house or condo you already own is EMF safe or not. We will measure exposure levels, help you understand the risks and give you a plan to reduce your family’s in-home EMF exposure.

Working with you for a safe home with LOW EMF.

If you have health concerns about overhead power lines, nearby cell towers or about the invisible EMFs in your existing home, then we are here to help. I will identify electromagnetic fields, radio frequencies, and dirty electricity. I use professional EMF meters to track EMFs to their source. First I will give you a verbal summary of my findings. Then I’ll provide the results of the survey in a written report. It will show the location and intensity of EMFs within the property and give practical steps on how they can be eliminated or avoided at minimal cost.  BOOK A HOME INSPECTION NOW.

EMF protection is a science and a bit of an art

In the process of the EMF Home Inspection, I will measure for:

  1. Harmful magnetic frequencies
  2. Harmful electrical frequencies
  3. Harmful dirty electricity
  4. Harmful radio frequencies (RF)

Consider a home inspection, but not by just anyone. The art of it is to not only be scientific but also human in your approach and remediation steps. I believe I do this better than just about anyone. I take a caring and balanced approach. No room for extremist consultants in the real world!

Once I’ve measured the AC Magnetic, AC Electric, and Radio Frequency (RF) field strengths in your home or office I will assist in the process of remediation.  Full report, and recommendations are provided.

One essential aspect of fixing the problem is the installation of DIRTY ELECTRICITY FILTERS. These affordable units absorb the harmful effects of your wiring (more below).

Other Concerns

Nearby high-voltage lines, power lines and transformers are often of concern. I measure for high levels and recommend a course of action. Inside your home, I’ll measure readings from computers, monitors, appliances and power cords. These can also produce strong EMFs. I will show you how to reduce the risks to yourself and your family.

RF frequencies come from cell phones, cordless phones, wifi and cell towers. I measure and report findings and recommendations for each of these.

Dirty Electricity (electro-smog) – I use a special meter to measure for high frequency “Dirty Electricity” in your home’s electrical wiring. Dirty electricity can be caused by poor installation techniques and the growing use of electrical devices and appliances.

Dirty Electricity radiates a meter or two into a room, even when power is off.

Installation of Greenwave or GRAHAM-STETZER filters is the best way to reduce the levels of dirty electricity in your home. These well-designed filters absorb and dissipate the dirty electricity. They reduce the dangerous electromagnetic energy by 40 to 90%, depending on a wide variety of factors in your home. We work with both companies.



These filters have been proven in scientific tests to dramatically reduce exposure to this electrical EMF.  This means protection for your family’s health and are particularly valuable for those with Electrical Hypersensitivity.

I usually wind up installing 12-20 filters in a home. I place the filters strategically and they work together to harmonize the home into a cleaner electrical state.

Read the research by Professor Magda Havas on one of these brands of filters.

A complete EMF Consultation

I will supply you with the most useful scientific data concerning EMFs after the home inspection. I call this the educational part of the visit. I show you how EMFs are generated, how they affect your health and I provide tips on minimizing exposure.

A Complete EMF Report

I provide a detailed report with readings from your home. The report includes a wealth of suggestions on EMF avoidance, and an up-to-date list of links to studies and reports. Other corrective measures might be required.  Electricians or other contractors may be needed to deal with some issues.

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My wish is for you to have a happy and healthy family. Here’s to your health!

About Me

Qualified, Experienced, Commited to Ongoing Education.

I carry degree credentials with DePaul University, Chicago, in Computer Science and have worked for over two decades in technology. I’ve been a health advocate for over 30 years, and have been providing EMF consulting and inspection services for 5 years. I have spent hundreds of hours in research, training and in the field inspections. The majority of my clientele call upon me and my team to specifically measure near power lines. Determining the safety of homes near power lines is a strong specialty, but I also do complete home inspections for the complete gamut of potentially harmful EMF, as noted above.
My company has offices in the Greater Toronto area and Chicago. My team and I consult across North America from coast to coast.

Qualified Professional

Having performed hundreds of inspections and reports, I have extensive EMF knowledge and maintain a solid commitment to ongoing education and research in the field.
My diagnostic expertise is based on those of the Internationally-recognized Building Biology Institute. I use calibrated meters.
Our team looks forward to assisting you with accurate measurements, understanding the best guidelines, and guiding you to remediation solutions and better health options.
Best regards,

Paul Singer, lead consultant

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