Living Near Power Lines?

What is a safe distance from power lines?

Studies show that living close to high voltage powerlines, can cause cancer and a host of other health issues.


We’re EMF consultants and we get a lot of questions about the viability of buying a home near high voltage power lines or cell towers. How far away must you be to be safe? It varies from one power corridor to another. We’ll help you find out with our affordable test.

It may be a health risk to own or buy a new home near power lines or cell towers.

More about Power Lines

Health problems have been documented, particularly in children. I have been called upon countless times to measure the electrical and magnetic readings near power lines. What distance from power lines is considered safe? Results vary, but the danger zone can be as little as 300 to 600 meters. Sometimes less, or more … The only way to be sure is to have a test done with an accurate EMF meter.

Professor Henshaw, a physicist with the University of Bristol, found that if a person spent 10 per cent of his time close to power lines, he would be subjected to up to twice the acceptable level of radioactivity. His study linked power lines to leukaemia. Henshaw says they also cause skin cancer, lung cancer, depression and increased incidents of suicide.

In other research carried out at Oxford University, it was discovered that children who had lived within 200m of high voltage lines at birth had a 70% higher risk of leukaemia than those 600 meters or more away.

Cell Towers

Health risks are similar to power lines, but in this case, the dangerous frequencies are RF (radio frequencies), rather than magnetic or electric. There are serious concerns about this type of exposure to the human body. See the excellent information by Dr. Magda Havas here.

Do you want to know the safe distance from the power line or cell tower you’re most concerned with today? Have us come and measure the magnetic and electrical radiation near the power lines you’re concerned about. We’ll do the measurements, tell you what is safe, and answer any questions on how to proceed.

We measure harmful EMF radiation near power lines and do EMF home inspections in Canada and the United States.

List of Canadian cities served. List of US cities served.

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