All about EMF

Are we being exposed to harmful EMF radiation in our homes and workplace?

Updated November 25, 2021

Yes, almost certainly! It’s relative. Something like smoking. Most people could probably smoke cigarettes for several years and not develop any serious health issues. It depends on the individual’s health constitution. It’s similar with EMF and it also depends on the strength of the radiation in a particular environment.

There are four main types of potentially harmful EMF:

  • magnetic
  • electric
  • dirty electricity
  • radio frequencies (RF)

My own home is super low in magnetic and electric energy as measured on EMF meters, but we do have to be careful with our use of wireless devices which can cause extremely high levels of RF radiation. This requires diligence in the choices we make with our cell phones, Wi-Fi, bluetooth, etc. I go to other homes and offices and the readings are way too high in all three categories of EMF. Occupants there need to make significant reductions in exposure or their health could suffer eventually. As EMF consultants, we can help with this.

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How can I determine if my home has high EMF?

Not recommended, but you could potentially buy a meter and measure your own space; or you can work with us to help you with that. It’s a complicated process to do it correctly and to sort out who to trust with guidelines on safety. In other words, “what is safe, and what is not?” We can do a personal inspection if you’re located in the US midwest or near Toronto. Anywhere else, we can refer you to an affiliated GEOVITAL consultant. We’ll give you an on-the-spot assessment on what is safe and not. And we’ll provide guidance on how to mitigate your exposure. In some cases, solutions could involve the use of filters, shielding, and moving beds to better locations, changing your wireless habits, etc…

What does an EMF inspection involve?

Site visit:

  • We come to your home or office with accurate EMF meters and measure for all 4 types of harmful EMF (magnetic, electric, dirty electricity and RF).
  • We will tell you which authorities we trust for the best safety guidelines. Note, the Canadian or US government do not have the best research.
  • On-the-Spot Assessment: We’ll give you the verdict on “safe or not” at the time of inspection.
  • Remediation Advice: We’ll list the types of solutions that may be available should your home have some issues. There will often (but not always) be quite a few options. Sometimes it takes creativity to apply scientific solutions!
  • Prompt Written Report: We will supply you with a comprehensive written report either on the spot or within 24 to 48 hours.
  • We welcome your Follow Up Calls and Emails if You Have Questions.

What are some of the causes of EMF?

Outside high voltage power lines, feeder lines on your street and coming into your home, electrical lines in your home/office, appliances, devices, cellular, Wi-Fi, bluetooth, and all other type of wireless data transfer,

How can I reduce EMF in my home?

This is an important part of our consultations. We provide a complete list of ways to reduce magnetic, electric, and radio frequency radiation. Switching more to wired communication with ethernet cables for your laptop is a big start. And turning off your cell phone at night will help too. Reducing magnetic and electrical energy will take a bit longer to explain and is part of our service.

Any other suggestions on staying safe?

Go wired rather than wireless as much as possible, and keep your distance from devices that generate huge amounts of EMF. Sit back a bit from your computer. Use the speaker phone option on your mobile or land line. Or use a head set; usually the higher priced ones are pretty good, but not always. They need to be tested. We do this as part of our service.

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