EMF inspections for new home buyers and existing owners

Buying a home or condo near high voltage power lines

IMG_5911Our specialty is to perform a pre-purchase EMF test for those of you who want to buy a new home near power lines. Safe distances vary. The only way to know for sure is to have us come and do a test. We’ll measure and give you a safety answer during our visit. An important aspect of this is to know what levels are considered safe. We’ll help you understand the latest guidelines so you can make an informed decision on whether to buy.

EMF Inspections for Existing Homes

Our inspectors are available to test your home or workplace for EMFs, including Dirty Electricity, Radio Frequency radiation and other forms of electrical contamination. Clean up your home electrical environment with our EMF testing and remediation services.


  • Toronto and all of southern Ontario
  • All other areas of Canada by special arrangement


  • Chicago
  • Most of the US from East to West by special arrangement


Our team helps identify electromagnetic fields, radio frequencies, and dirty electricity. Our professional EMF meters enable us to track EMFs to their source. We give you a verbal summary of our findings on the spot. And we follow up by providing the results of the survey in a written report. It will show the location and intensity of EMFs within the property and give practical steps on how they can be eliminated or avoided at minimal cost.

What We Test For

Our EMF inspectors measure for the following, and we’ll tell what levels are harmful and why:

  • Magnetic
  • Electrical
  • Radio Frequencies
  • Dirty Electricity from your building’s wiring

As part of the inspection, we give you practical remediation assistance to clean up your home (or office) from harmful electromagnetic fields.

How to Fix the Problems We May Find (Remediation)

We provide guidance and assistance with:

  • Changing room configurations, especially of your bedroom, to allow better sleep (candidates include clock radio, position of bed, etc.).
  • Possible installation of Stetzerizer dirty electricity filters.
  • Safer use of cell phones and electronic device/equipment.
  • What to do about WI-FI and yet allow you to live a “connected” life.
  • Possible installation of EMF shielding for your home and beds.

One of the solutions could be shielding products. Another is dirty electricity filters.


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