Are Radio Frequencies Harmful To Your Health?

What are Radio Frequencies? Radio Frequencies (RF) are a type of non-ionizing radiation that exist within the wider spectrum of Electromagnetic Frequencies (EMF). What Causes RF Radiation? These frequencies are caused by the flow of wireless data through the air from one location to another. Some examples of these causes or sources are: Cell towers CellContinue reading “Are Radio Frequencies Harmful To Your Health?”

5G The latest news and how worried should you be?

5G rollouts are in full deployment across the U.S. and Canada. Here’s the latest. New 5G info is being released daily. The latest (updated June 23, 2020): All telecommunications companies have begun rolling out 5G. Availability of 5G is still limited but growing rapidly. Recent 5G news: T-Mobile launches first nationwide 5G network in theContinue reading “5G The latest news and how worried should you be?”

Cell Tower Radiation Testing – RF Exposure Assessment

Radio Frequency RF Testing Services Updated December 1, 2019 Cell towers are being installed almost everywhere! Look at the top of any building higher than a few stories. Unsightly cell towers. They’re not only aesthetically unappealing, but they can give off high levels of radiation. How high are the RF levels, and are they safe?Continue reading “Cell Tower Radiation Testing – RF Exposure Assessment”

New Swiss study: RF EMF may affect brain functions

More people are concerned about cell phone and Wi-Fi radiation than ever. Read on to clearly see that these concerns are well founded … New Swiss study concludes: “We found preliminary evidence suggesting that RF-EMF may affect brain functions such as figural memory in regions that are most exposed during mobile phone use.” Read theContinue reading “New Swiss study: RF EMF may affect brain functions”

Special CBC investigation – the secret inside your phone. Cellphone safety and testing.

The Secret Message in your phone & why they have to tell you about it yet hope you don’t find it! Wendy Mesley headed up a special investigation on cellphone safety for CBC Marketplace. Her excellent segment took a look at the little known message inside your cell phone’s settings telling you to keep the device aContinue reading “Special CBC investigation – the secret inside your phone. Cellphone safety and testing.”