5G The latest news and how worried should you be?

5G rollouts are in full deployment across the U.S. and Canada. Here’s the latest. New 5G info is being released daily. Go here for the most up-to-date 5G info. 2020: All telecommunications companies began rolling out 5G. 2022 update: 5G almost fully rolled out via towers, satellite rollout well underway. 2020: Availability of 5G wasContinue reading “5G The latest news and how worried should you be?”

Cell Tower Radiation Testing – RF Exposure Assessment

Radio Frequency RF Testing Services Updated December 1, 2019 Cell towers are being installed almost everywhere! Look at the top of any building higher than a few stories. Unsightly cell towers. They’re not only aesthetically unappealing, but they can give off high levels of radiation. How high are the RF levels, and are they safe?Continue reading “Cell Tower Radiation Testing – RF Exposure Assessment”