EMF Home or Office inspections in Los Angeles and Orange County, California

We perform EMF inspections for home or office in L.A. & Orange.

We’re your EMF experts in Southern California.

LA and Orange County have had incredible expansion of EMF radiation in the past 5 years. This radiation is coming from a proliferation of power lines and cell towers (including 5G), but also from ever increasing wi-fi devices being installed almost everywhere.

About EMFs

We test for 4 types of EMF in our inspections: AC Electric Fields, AC Magnetic Fields, Dirty Electricity, and Radio Frequency (RF).

Our advanced EMF testing procedures are designed to:

  • Discover the intensity of EMF in your home or office
  • Determine the source of the EMF’s
  • Remediate the field exposure to ensure you have a safe and healthy space

Our consultancy is here to provide scientific testing, evaluation, measurement and solutions for electromagnetic field radiation for homes and businesses.

Our primary mission is to create healthy and functional indoor environments with low EMF levels through a practical and scientific approach.

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Not only will we help you determine how to make your entire living space as safe as possible, we will help you create a Sleeping Sanctuary that provides an electromagnetic environment that is as close as possible to a natural one. Your sleeping areas are the most important in the home setting due to the fact that your body needs a super healthy space during sleep.


We’ll come to your place of work and test for the areas that are creating trouble spots for your employees’ health and productivity.

Would you like an EMF inspection?


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Living near or want to buy near power lines in the greater Los Angeles area? What distance is considered safe?

Nearby power lines in the greater Los Angeles area? What distance is considered safe?


We’re EMF inspectors who specialize in testing the strength and potential harm of nearby power lines.

We are L.A. based EMF consultants that measure and test the magnetic and electric energy radiating from high voltage power lines. We can tell you whether the measured readings are considered safe or not according to the latest research in EMF safety. Depending on the amount of power flowing through the lines and the distance, a safe distance could be relatively close or might be farther away than you expect. The only way to know for sure is to get a test done.

Studies have revealed that living too close to high voltage power lines & power transmission networks can cause cancer and a long list of other health issues.

We measure harmful EMF radiation near power lines and do EMF home inspections in the metropolitan LA area and all over California.