Swedish study confirms that EMF is “associated with increased risk of childhood leukaemia”

Concerns Over EMF are Justified According to a Swedish study on EMF, Extremely low frequency magnetic fields (of the type that emanates from distribution and use of electricity) are associated with an increased risk of childhood leukaemia in epidemiologic research and have been classified as a possible carcinogen to humans by IARC (WHO’s International AgencyContinue reading “Swedish study confirms that EMF is “associated with increased risk of childhood leukaemia””

Dr. Mercola on EMF. A wealth of scientific research and solutions

From cell phones to satellite dishes to the latest technological advances, where do they come in when it has to do with our health and well-being? Here’s the complete scoop from Dr. Mercola himself, http://emf.mercola.com For more information or for an EMF Home Inspection, please contact us here

Top 9 things that give off harmful EMF radiation

Outside Cell phone use Proximity to cell phone towers Being near power lines Transformers and high tension wires Inside Wi-Fi Dirty electricity in the wiring Appliances Computers Clock radio by the bed How should you deal with each of these? We provide common-sense help. Contact us for the inside scoop. CONTACT US HERE We do EMF home inspectionsContinue reading “Top 9 things that give off harmful EMF radiation”

EMF home inspections in Toronto. We test for electromagnetic frequencies with advanced EMF meters.

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