About our EMF inspections – what to expect

How we go about our EMF inspections An EMF inspection is of most value to you when we can show and explain our findings to you on the spot as we go through your home. We also provide an EMF primer to help you understand the basics. Using professional meters and our years of research and experience,Continue reading “About our EMF inspections – what to expect”

Prevention: Dirty electricity. The Evidence showing harm is overwhelming.

“The Evidence showing harm is overwhelming.” We came across this article recently from Prevention. Seldom do we see such clear wording as this from a major health publication. This is WORTH READING! http://www.prevention.com/health/healthy-living/electromagnetic-fields-and-your-health We do EMF inspections across all of Canada and the United States. Contact us here.

What are Greenwave Dirty Electricity Filters and how can they benefit my health.

Dirty Electricity filters remove electromagnetic interference (EMI) and dirty power from home or office wiring, thus reducing harmful electromagnetic fields (EMF). Updated: May 20, 2021 Dirty electricity is found in a range of frequencies. A filter must have filtration capabilities that target both high and low sections of the frequency spectrum. Both Graham Stetzer (Stetzerizer) filters and Greenwave filtersContinue reading “What are Greenwave Dirty Electricity Filters and how can they benefit my health.”