EMF Consultations. No matter where you are, we’re with you to help.

If we don’t have a consultant in your area, no problem. In that case, we do Remote EMF Consultations. You get to keep the meter we will send and we walk you through the inspection by phone. Save money, and it’s just like we’re there in your house.


How To Set Up a Consultation

  1. Contact us here to set a day and time. Have your credit card handy.
  2. Your meter will arrive in 2 to 4 days.
  3. We’ll call you at the set time to walk you around the property and interpret what the readings mean for your family’s health.
  4. We give you on-the-spot suggestions to eliminate or reduce your exposure to harmful EMF energy. We’ll also send you a full written report.

Remember, you keep the meter.

COST: $350 in the U.S.  $375 in Canada.

Note: additional products or services may be necessary to effect complete remediation. This could involve filters or shielding technology.

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