Special CBC investigation – the secret inside your phone. Cellphone safety and testing.

Screen Shot 2017-05-07 at 3.37.21 PMThe Secret Message in your phone & why they have to tell you about it yet hope you don’t find it!

Wendy Mesley headed up a special investigation on cellphone safety for CBC Marketplace. Her excellent segment took a look at the little known message inside your cell phone’s settings telling you to keep the device a certain distance away from your body. She asks the questions, “why is it so hidden,” “is Health Canada doing enough to protect us,” and has several brands of phones tested by independent labs to help us understand the levels of electromagnetic EMF radiation the phones are actually giving off. CLICK ON LINK BELOW FOR VIDEO


As EMF consultants, we are well aware of the high levels of radio frequencies, magnetic, and electric radiation smart phones generate. We also have access to the many studies that indicate the health risks associated with cell phones and all forms of wireless communication.

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Quick reference guide to the topic of EMF and how to protect yourself from harmful exposure. Includes my interview on TV today

I was interviewed by Tampa Florida TV station WFLA today.

The full Skype session covered all the following topics but most useful content was cut out for the broadcast due to time constraints:

  • Are we being exposed to harmful EMF radiation in our homes and workplace?
  • How can I determine if my home has high EMF?
  • What does an EMF inspection involve?
  • What are some of the causes of EMF?
  • How can I reduce EMF in my home?
  • Helpful links

I was happy to be an all-too-brief part of TV COVERAGE of the ongoing interest in what EMF exposure is doing to us.


Canadian Medical Association Journal reports Health Canada’s wireless limits are “A Disaster to Public Health”

Press Release (re-release July 5, 2015)

OTTAWA, May 7, 2015 /CNW/ – The Canadian Medical Association Journal today published a scathing condemnation of Health Canada’s safety guidelines for cell phones and Wifi.

The Journal (CMAJ) interviewed multiple international experts in radiation and cancer, who warn that the microwave levels allowed in Canadian classrooms, residences and workplaces are, “a disaster to public health.”

One scientist said that given the overwhelming evidence that wireless radiation is harmful, Health Canada staff are either, “unwilling or not competent to make evaluation of the current literature.”

The article points out that Canada’s Parliamentary Standing Committee on Health recently completed three days of hearings on Canada’s safety guidelines, and sent federal scientists back to the office to re-examine 140 recent studies that show wireless radiation emitted by cell phones and WiFi can cause harm.

One oncologist interviewed by the CMAJ said that Canada’s safety guidelines for wireless radiation need to be “urgently revised” due to the obvious risk of cancer.

The CMAJ article revealed that James McNamee, who wrote Health Canada’s safety code, has also co-authored academic papers with scientists who openly accept payments from the wireless industry.

“That Canada’s wireless safety code is out of date and mired in conflict of interest is no longer a question it’s a fact,” said Frank Clegg, CEO of Canadians For Safe Technology (C4ST).

“We’re hoping the Parliamentary Standing Committee will have strong recommendations to fix it,” said Clegg.

SOURCE C4ST: Canadians For Safe Technology

For further information: Interviews Frank Clegg, Contact: media@C4ST.org, Phone: 705-444-9662, Background: http://www.c4st.org/HESA2015

Studies show EMF electromagnetic fields are harmful to human health, from an interview with Dr Thomas M. Rau of the Paracelsus Clinic, Switzerland

Thomas M. Rau is the medical director of the Paracelsus clinic in Switzerland. It is well known for understanding the root causes of disease and patient health.

Dr. Thomas Rau

The following interview makes extremely interesting and important reading!

This brief read expresses the concern Dr Rau has over the proliferation of cell phone towers. They can interfere with patients’ biology and particularly the unconscious (sympathetic/parasympathetic) nerve system. These functions can be severely compromised by radiation from cell towers.

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The Paracelsus clinic sees 3,000 EHS patients out of the 10,000 patients they see annually and has a wealth of information to share with us so that we can better understand and protect ourselves from harmful EMF radiation.

The following interview transcript discusses the effects of dental fillings and other metal in the body, cell tower dangers, thoughts on autism, and goes into a variety of helpful information on EHS (electromagnetic hypersensitivity) and EMR (electromagnetic radiation).

People with heavy metal loads in the body tend to suffer much more from electromagnetic radiation as compared to those who do not. The heavy metals might well be absorbing the EMR: root canals, amalgam fillings, implants, etc. can be the problem.

A large, solid 35 year old man became sick with trigeminal neuralgia. Many diagnoses saw it as “idiopathic”, meaning they didn’t know and he had to live with it. He even became suicidal. The Paracelsus clinic saw that he had a root canal and amalgam filling. He did have the filling for 20 years before an antenna tower was installed near his home. He removed the amalgam filling and moved and had total remission from the sickness.

There is a village in Switzerland where they built a tower. They asked about diseases in two villages prior to the transmission–the one which has the tower, and another comparable village but with no tower. They asked about the diseases in the two cities after 1 and 2 years after transmission started. They found a very significant difference of problems in the town with the tower installed. Symptoms seen: Children’s concentration problems, ADD, heart problems, significant increase in arrhythmia, significant increase in problems with the behaviours of school children.

Symptoms of EHS include headaches, deficiency of concentration, back pains from cervical and lower spine (tension of muscles becomes more spastic and continuous pressure/tension exacerbates the problems).

With migraine presenting, my first test is for “electromagnetic cloud”. We work together with an institute that measures the cloud, then they either isolate from the outside cloud or remove problems devices. The portable house phones (DECT) are very significant for their “electromagnetic clouds”. The patients get better.

Very frequently patients suffer sleeping disturbances. We have a tower in our private house which sends to the village. We insulated the house and walls, and we put our children out of the rooms which is directly exposed to the tower. On the day after changing they slept better. Before, our son fell out of bed nearly every night, and after, none of this behaviour.

We have a method, bioresonance, to measure scientifically the function of the unconscious, the parasympathetic and sympathetic nerve system. They should balance and yet they do not with EHS and electromagnetic cloud. This is like the Hartrite Variability. We have a more refined instrument but the same principle is used.

That was acute symptoms: what do we know about the connection between these invisible stressors and chronic conditions?

Our clinic treats a lot of patients with cancer patients in all stages. Since we know about the relationship, we now test them all for electromagnetic sensitivity. Nowadays I am really convinced that electromagnetic emissions/loads from different sources are a very important factor to the building of all cancers. What is very important is that the EMR load leads to a deficiency of the pituitary gland; sleeping disturbances for example; regulation of the thyroid and adrenal gland. The stress capacity decreases significantly and this is the major factor that makes patients weak when they have EMR exposure.

With all of our patients we have remediation from EMR. It is one of our trainings with cancer patients to avoid things like cordless phones in the house; they are even worse than mobile phones: television in the sleeping room and other things that contribute to EMR load.

Parkinson’s patients—we have several who profited a lot from our EMR advice. Alzheimer’s is difficult as it does not help so much even though EMR might be a factor of causation. Also mental problems, depression, anxiety, concentration deficiency, sleep disturbances –they profit very much from electromagnetic training.

What about Autism and EMR?

I doubt very much that many children are born with autism; they normally regress. At birth we can’t judge. They are vaccinated, and we think vaccination has a very bad effect for building autism. And combine that with the EMR and it blocks the brain activity, it loads the brain, and this is just ‘fatal’ to the child. It is very important that the autistic child keeps away from the electromagnetic cloud.

What degree of impairment happens in patients?

All facets are possible. Some patients are invalid, some are compromised. We ask patients when do they have symptoms? What is it like when you go on holidays? Do you use your mobile phone? Do you have tinnitus? Tinnitus is maybe 90% related to EMR.

How does EMR affect microorganisms?

We have more organisms than cells in our bodies. Cultures of normal human endogenous bacterial cultures grow much less when exposed to EMR. They grow less when they are around a mobile phone, a tower or cordless phone.

Growing less good bacteria in your body means you will have an overgrowth of bad bacteria that can result in things like Lyme’s disease. Especially from the east coast of the USA, we have many patients with Lymes. Antibiotics only make it worse. We look how the good flora responds and how they grow, recolonise. We have to reimplant the good bacteria. Within six weeks the Lyme’s patients get well or much better.

Toxic mould in homes grows much faster under the load of high electromagnetic loads. They grow much faster in a disturbed milieu. Mercury / heavy metals can also exacerbate the growth.

What is going on in Europe with EMR awareness?

Lichtenstein put the resolutions into law restricting EMR. An area in South France is creating a white zone for EMR.

Why? Is it worse there? In the USA we seem to be unaware.

In Europe, we have different radio stations and a multiplexity of opinions, and it is more difficult to wash one opinion away. France and Italy are very behind with EMR. They have the highest concentration of atomic power stations (France). The northern countries (Scandinavia) are very much advanced. For example in Sweden they have stricter laws on power stations, and amalgam is forbidden to be put in teeth. Things got much better lately, and good information proliferated as patient groups got much more activity, and with the actions of institutes such as our geopathological institute. Actions of advocates against EM clouds.

In the US there have been antennas put up on properties and people get money for it. Does that happen in Europe? It seems crazy to do it if it impairs concentration and learning.

It is criminal, unethical to expose children to EM clouds in this way. We know that power stations for EM waves like mobile phones are helping illness, so putting it in schools is very bad. The children’s IQ will decrease. Does the society really want to have intelligent well educated children or not? You will have more ADD children. You will have more reflection of this on the reduced ability to teach children, we will have more dull and dumb children. This is absolutely clearly my opinion that we will be dulled, dumbed, in the future from this EMR.

What about depression and emotional balance and the effect of EM fields. We have seen a skyrocketing of depression in the last 15 years.

There are many causes, I would not say EMR was specific but it is one of many causes. Many causes add up to the fatal effect. Wrong nutrition, toxins in the air, the water, the teeth toxins, the sugar, the wrong bacteria and on top of all of this, the horrible situation with the EM cloud.

Does it affect people’s ability to interact with each other?

With EMR the sympathetic action increases, the parasympathetic decrease. By increasing the former you get more animosity, more aggression, a less peaceful approach. This interferes with the whole of society very, very much.

What needs to happen? Are our governments responding to the crisis?

If the politicians were listening and fulfilling their duty, not only the suggestions of the industry, then they would have the duty to reduce EM loads. It is not only the politicians that are bad guys, it is also the individual which is very undifferentiated in using all of these technologies. I ask patients about their use of mobiles, DECTs, TVs, and do you take minerals and trace elements? Have you ever been to a biological doctor who has tested your resistance to EMR. I see that they do nothing, so who wonders when they are sick. It is like running on a road with lots of traffic… do you look left and right before you cross? Yes, they do that with the road, but not with other issues that can hurt you.

It’s a level of denial?

It’s a high level of ignorance of the population and the politician.Yes it’s denial because they would have to do something different.

Do you think this is a species type of issue, like people are focussed on global warming… this EMR is affecting DNA, lessens quality of life, what is the trajectory of all of this?

That is a difficult and very interesting question! High toxicity and EM load for sure, changes the DNA on a long term, and even in a life time. It can make the expression of the genes different.

Dr Thomas Rau, thank you very much for being with us. We appreciate your insight.

Thank you very much and all the best to you.

Transcribed by emrstop.org
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Dean at the State University New York believes up to 30% of childhood cancers come from exposure to EMFs. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) warns “There is reason for concern”

scientificDr. Mercola has done his homework. He’s found expert after expert confirming the harmful nature of many manmade electromagnetic fields.

For example, Dr. David Carpenter, Dean at the School of Public Health, State University of New York is quoted as saying he believes it is likely that up to 30% of all childhood cancers come from exposure to EMFs.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has warned “There is reason for concern” and advises prudent avoidance“. Martin Halper, the EPA’s Director of Analysis and Support says “I have never seen a set of epidemiological studies that remotely approached the weight of evidence that we’re seeing with EMFs. Clearly there is something here.”

Concerns about EMFs increased dramatically after Paul Brodeur wrote a series of articles in the New Yorker Magazine in June 1989 about the subject. Because of Paul Brodeur’s reputation, his articles had a big impact on all of us.

Read more at http://emf.mercola.com/sites/emf/emf-dangers.aspx

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