How to shield against cell towers and other RF radiation. EMF shielding solutions!

EMF / RF / Shielding Solutions for your Home Updated September 17, 2020 There are a lot of products out there that claim to do wonders against RF radiation, such as what emits from nearby cell towers. Buyer beware! Not all products with big claims measure up. We work with Geovital Academy for Radiation ProtectionContinue reading “How to shield against cell towers and other RF radiation. EMF shielding solutions!”

EMF testing in Calgary Alberta

We now offer EMF inspections in Calgary. As of May 15, 2019, we are in Calgary! We’re the Experts in Electromagnetic Field Testing Services. As Calgary continues to grow, the expansion of electromagnetic fields becomes cause for concern. The facts are that exposure to high electromagnetic fields inside homes and offices has increased in theContinue reading “EMF testing in Calgary Alberta”

Swanwick Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Blue Light Protection. Sleep well. Stay focused. Look good. We now have Swannies. Now shipping to all locations in the U.S. and Canada. We tested blue light blocking glasses for over a year and conclude that they DO HELP. A lot!  Sleep is critical for your overall health. But, it can be the first thingContinue reading “Swanwick Blue Light Blocking Glasses”

How Your Home Is Making You Sick — And What You Can Do About It

Improving The Air Quality In Your Home Research suggests that indoor air quality can be even more polluted than outside, which puts you and your family in danger of becoming sick. From mold and toxic materials to dust and outdoor pollutants, there are several factors to tend to if you want to run a safeContinue reading “How Your Home Is Making You Sick — And What You Can Do About It”

New Swiss study: RF EMF may affect brain functions

More people are concerned about cell phone and Wi-Fi radiation than ever. Read on to clearly see that these concerns are well founded … New Swiss study concludes: “We found preliminary evidence suggesting that RF-EMF may affect brain functions such as figural memory in regions that are most exposed during mobile phone use.” Read theContinue reading “New Swiss study: RF EMF may affect brain functions”