Buying a home near power lines?

IMG_1334Are you considering the purchase of a new home that’s near electrical power poles, a high voltage power corridor, or electrical wires that seem that they might be too close for safety?

We test for safety before you buy.

We’re based in central Florida (serving most of Florida and Georgia). Let us come to do an inspection of the site. Our EMF inspector will do a site inspection to test and measure for harmful EMF radiation.  And it costs less than you think.

Contact Us

“So what IS a safe distance from power lines?”

The answer’s always different. It depends on many factors. The best course of action is to have us come to the actual location and test its safety.  CONTACT US NOW FOR AN INSPECTION. Peace of mind for you and your family. You’ll know for sure!

Our trained inspectors provide accurate readings and will compare your results with the most trusted safety guidelines. You’ll have an immediate answer to the question: Safe Or Not.

We look forward to hearing from you and will be happy to assist!


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