Safe distance and power lines. What distance is safe?

EMF Radiation from living close to power lines

updated January 19, 2020

Electrical poles and high voltage transmission power lines are part of life. But let’s look a little closer. Are you considering buying a home near power lines?

What is a safe distance from power lines?

What is a safe distance from power lines?

Studies have indicated that living close to high voltage power lines & power transmission networks can cause cancer and a host of other health issues.

We’re EMF inspectors. We get a lot of questions about whether it’s safe to buy a home near high voltage power lines. How far away must you be to be safe?

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You should be concerned about living near or buying a home near power lines. The risks to health are far too great, particularly for children. Be concerned if the power lines are closer than 800 meters. We’ve been called upon countless times to measure the electrical and magnetic readings near power lines. Results vary, but a good rule of thumb is that the zone for potential concern is for homes less than 800 meters in distance. Testing results vary. Within that range, you might still have a viable home-purchase option. The only way to know for sure is to test the readings with a good EMF meter such as the ME 3030b. You should have magnetic readings below 0.75 mG and electric readings less than 5 V/m in our professional opinion. It should be understood that there are many nuances to doing the measurements properly and understanding the complexities of the big picture. It might be best to have a professional come out to do the readings or buy the 3030b meter we mention above and engage us to do a remote inspection for you by telephone. Then you can know for sure.

Professor Henshaw, a physicist with the University of Bristol, found that if a person spent 10 per cent of his time close to power lines, he would be subjected to up to twice the acceptable level of radioactivity. His study linked power lines to leukaemia. Henshaw says they also cause skin cancer, lung cancer, depression and 60 suicides a year.

Bristol University research from Professor Henshaw on safe distance from power lines
University of Bristol

In other research from Oxford University, it was discovered that children who had lived within 200 meters of high voltage lines at birth had a 70% higher risk of leukaemia than those 600 meters or more away.

Oxford University

So, what is a safe distance from power lines? Have us come and measure the magnetic and electrical radiation near the power lines you’re concerned about.

We are available to measure harmful EMF radiation near power lines and do EMF home inspections in Toronto, Richmond Hill, Markham, Burlington, Hamilton, Kitchener, Ontario, the GTA, and surrounding areas.

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How close is too close when living near transmission power lines

People are often concerned when considering the purchase of a home near high voltage power lines. Could they be bad for our health?


If you’re looking to purchase a home near high voltage power lines, you might ask yourself:

“What is the safe distance for living near high voltage power lines? How close is too close?”

You can’t be certain without doing an actual measurement with highly accurate meters. According to most trustworthy safety guidelines, you want levels BELOW 1 mG in the home and below that in bedrooms. You can do this yourself initially Here’s a good meter for this: ME 3030b available here. You may be shocked to find out how many homes are affected by this and that many of those homes are nowhere near those ‘big’ high voltage power lines.

Once you find a home where the values are under the 1 mG and ideally under about 0.75 mG in bedrooms, it seems to be giving you the ‘green light’. The smart thing to do, is to then get a professional to do a pre-purchase inspection and reconfirm your good findings before buying or renting a property. Just like you wouldn’t think twice about ordering a structural building inspection before buying a home.

We do EMF inspections in Toronto, Chicago, and all surrounding areas. We also have a network of inspectors across both Canada and the U.S.

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EMF Testing services in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), Hamilton, Burlington, Oakville, and beyond

Updated January 17, 2020

EMF testing and inspections

EMF Home Inspections offers a wide range of testing services to detect EMF and EMI. Our professional research into Building Biology and Geobiology has brought us to the forefront of the field. Our inspectors are trained and certified by GEOVITAL Academy, the world’s leader in radiation detection and protection.

We use professional meters from Geovital Academy to measure electromagnetic frequencies. We also use selected Gigahertz meters. Testing is done in magnetic, electrical and radio frequencies.

EMF testing is available for residential homes and your place of work. Our EMF measurements are taken at strategic points throughout the home or office. Based on the information we gather, we can then implement solutions that will protect you, should they be required.

Contact: Paul Singer at (905) 719-7030 or Email Us

Residential or Commercial EMF Testing

Our methodology for residential customers is to use our EMF meters to measure your home or workplace top to bottom with particular focus on the sleeping areas and areas you spend a lot of time in.

We test for harmful effects from:

  • high voltage power lines
  • proximity to cell phone towers
  • transformers
  • household wiring and poor grounding
  • appliances
  • lamps and clock radios
  • lighting
  • household wiring
  • dirty electricity
  • stray currents on gas and water pipes
  • cordless phones
  • Wi-Fi
  • cellular phones
  • dimmer switches
  • computers
  • home entertainment systems & TV

The Equipment We Use:

We have professional grade meters for MAGNETIC and ELECTRIC Fields, and others for high frequency RF. We’ve steadily upgraded our meters over the years, spending thousands of dollars in the process. Geovital Field Probes are our most important meters, as they measure how your body reacts to the EMFs in your environment, something that regular meters can’t do.

For DIRTY ELECTRICITY, we use Greenwave’s Broadband EMI Meter, which is highly advanced. This meter is designed to separate the power line frequency to detect and respond to low level high frequency voltages caused by transients and harmonics on power lines.

An important part of our onsite visit is to give you a brief overview of EMF and help you understand how your readings compare against the most trusted safety guidelines. A full written report is also provide.

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EMF home inspections in Toronto. We test for electromagnetic frequencies with advanced EMF meters.

EMFMeter-ME3851A-L (1)

We do EMF inspections and testing in the Toronto area. This includes the surrounding GTA such as Mississauga, Oakville, Burlington, Richmond Hill, …

When you are thinking of buying a home, give us a call. Or if you’re concerned about your current residence, give us a call. We’ll measure the EMF radiation and help you make a good decision on what to do about it.

To make an appointment with one of our EMF consultants please email Paul or call / text him at 905-719-7030.

Note, in addition to the Gigahertz meter pictured above, we use Geovital field probes, the most advanced meters in the business.

If you have health concerns about nearby power lines, cell phone towers or about the invisible EMFs in your home, then this is for you. Employers may wish to evaluate employee workspaces for Health and Safety purposes. We will identify electromagnetic fields, radio frequencies, and dirty electricity. We use professional EMF meters to track EMFs to their source. First we will give you a verbal summary of our findings. Then we’ll provide the results of the survey in a written report. It will show the location and intensity of EMFs within the property and give practical steps on how they can be eliminated or avoided at minimal cost. One of the solutions we will recommend is the installation of Greenwave dirty electricity filters. They filter out much of the dangerous high frequency energy. We’re getting reports of health changing results from our clients.

Our consultants inspect houses, apartments, townhouses, and condominiums.

The typical inspection includes examinations of the entire dwelling from an electromagnetic standpoint. We use professional meters and measuring devices to find out where the “hot spots” are.

We engage in considerable research, and take training courses to keep up on the latest in EMF information.

The cost of a survey depends on the complexity of the situation, size of property and distance from our office in the GTA. Note, we view the GTA (Greater Toronto area) as “local.”

Please contact us for details and a competitive estimate.

 EMAIL  or call / text 905-719-7030.


To EMF Meter Store. Purchase your EMF meters here, if you are a remote customer. We’ll train you how to use them as part of our “Remote Package.”

Residential EMF inspector and consultant in Toronto, Ontario. We do EMF inspections.

EMF Radiation Detection and Prevention Services

EMF Inspectors to test your home’s EMF levels.
emf waves

Electromagnetic field radiation detection and protection are my specialty. Have your home inspected for harmful EMF. My consulting services include testing for high levels of EMF in homes near power line fields and for RF (Radio Frequencies) radiating from nearby cell towers, smart meters, etc.

EMF Survey & Measurement Services

Available for both residential and commercial clients. Once I’ve tested the home, I provide an immediate written report and help you understand the findings. I then go over the remediation options that apply to your situation.

I am trained for radiation detection and remediation by the GEOVITAL Academy in Austria. For over 30 years they’ve focussed with great intensity on the cause and effect relationship between radiation exposure and its effects on health. Environmental influences can affect the regeneration of the body and thereby its ability to fight disease. By treating thousands of patients, the Academy has developed their own technology and approach. They teach their consultants how to detect and address the causes, not the symptoms!

RF (Radio Frequency Exposure) Scans and Evaluations

I test RF emissions for intensity in order to determine sources and help with remediation solutions according to the guidelines as determined by the GEOVITAL Academy.

Magnetic / Electric / RF & EMF Shielding Consultations

If you are concerned about possible excessive electromagnetic energy, I am fully qualified to assess, troubleshoot and make sound recommendations to fix or mitigate the situation.

Electrical Wiring Issues from excessive EMF Fields

One of the most common sources of high EMF fields inside the home is improper wiring. I can detect these problems and either assist in fixing the wiring or installing dirty electricity filters that absorb the excessive radiation.

Preliminary Construction Surveys and Pre-Purchase Scenarios

I’m frequently called out to construction sites before a structure is built. I can make construction recommendations for minimizing electromagnetic field emissions for safety and electromagnetic interference concerns.

Another common request is to measure the EMF intensity in potential new homes, apartments, or condos. The team and I check for the potential impact of nearby powerlines, substations, transformers, cell towers and other EMF/RF generating sources.

by Paul Singer

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5G The latest news and how worried should you be?

5G rollouts are happening across the U.S. but not yet in Canada. Here’s the latest (December 2019)

New 5G info is being released daily.

5G the latest

The latest:

  • Some telecommunications companies are starting 5G trials in selected cities
  • Some are announcing when customers can order their 5G service
  • Availability of 5G is very limited as of today, with very few rollouts being of a live, non-demo nature
  • However, many telco’s are only months away from launching a full 5G network

5G news in the past month (early Nov to early Dec):

  • T-Mobile launches first nationwide 5G network in the U.S.
  • AT&T’s 5G network now launching over low-band spectrum in parts of Indianapolis, Pittsburgh, Providence RI, Rochester NY, and San Diego, but that they also plan to launch in Boston, Las Vegas, Milwaukee, New York City, San Francisco, Birmingham AL, Bridgeport CT, Buffalo NY, Louisville KY, San Jose CA, etc.
  • Verizon publishes detailed 5G coverage maps.
  • Verizon’s 5G network expands to three additional cities: Boston MA, Houston TX, and Sioux Falls SD.
  • Meanwhile in Canada, Bell, Rogers and Telus have not made any firm commitments on when they’ll deliver 5G to customers. Note, small local tests appear to be taking place.
Beginning in 2020, 5G will gradually turn the world into high frequency madness!

What is 5G

5G is the next generation of wireless networks – the fifth generation. It will be the doorway into a vast (read “tidal wave”) proliferation of high frequency radiation in every corner of life. We won’t be able to escape it. The attraction is that it will dramatically improve the responsiveness of the technologies on devices. It will also allow for your home internet to come over the air, rather than telephone wire, etc. It will usher in hundreds of new productivity and entertainment options that are wireless in nature, including augmented reality, smart cities, and of course, cars. 5G will be a tech revolution. And it won’t stop at the fifth generation. China is already developing 6G, which will have even higher and more intense radiation. Companies will start a wave of new product development to take advantage of these new technologies.

How Worried Should You Be About 5G?

At the core of concerns about any cell phone networks is radiofrequency radiation (RF Radiation). The types of RFR that may be of concern are the ones that come from cell towers (whether 4G, 5G, etc), cell phones, bluetooth, wi-fi, smart meters, etc. Anything that is wireless transmission of data. The trouble is, 5G and above are the most toxic tech yet due to their higher frequency microwave spectrum radiation.

The point of contention with 5G and above is that these higher frequencies will have a greater number of antennae (they’ll be everywhere), the proximity of them to our bodies, and their higher power intensities. As though millions of additional antennas aren’t enough, 5G will also be irradiated from earth orbit. There will be no escaping it. SpaceX alone has plans for 42,000 satellites. Their aggressive launch schedule means that they will likely turn ON the irradiation as early as February 2020. We’re aware of at least another 8,000 satellites planned and there is an unknown number in the thousands that Facebook plans to place in orbit.

Why worry? There are a growing number of concerned organizations and learned individuals that point to decimated insect, amphibian and bird populations. The possibility of cancer, diabetes and heart disease may also be on the rise as a result of wireless technology.

Dr. Anthony Miller, Professor Emeritus with the University of Toronto, is an adviser to the International Agency for Research on Cancer. He says, “Many scientists worldwide now believe that radiofrequency radiation should be elevated to a Class One human carcinogen, on the same list as Cigarettes, X-Rays, and Asbestos.” See more here (Ontario Doctors Warn…). See also The Invisible Rainbow: A History of Electricity and Life, chapters 11, 12, 13 and 16.

It should be understood that the Canadian and U.S. governments do not show any real concern. They are satisfied that any type of RF radiation is not harmful. Neither does the World Health Organization (WHO) have a shred of concern, but they are often decades behind in uncovering anything harmful to the World’s inhabitants. Yet there is clearly a tremendous wave of concern from around the globe from highly respected individuals and organizations. The list is long, but consider a few of them and decide for yourself. See bullets below.

To cut to the chase, our staff and our associates at Geovital Academy are very concerned about the health risks. We believe 5G rollouts should be stopped immediately. And we believe everyone should consider installing shielding in at least their bedrooms. Contact us if you’d like advice on how to do that.

If you live on planet earth, then please consider shielding your home from radio frequency radiation, of which 5G will be the worst offender (so far).


You can believe all the “official” organizations out there, most of which have a vested interest in their stand on the safety of all wireless technologies, of which 5G is just one, or you can put some weight in the fact that a growing number of organizations are concerned. Your choice. We recommend taking a precautionary approach. Don’t step too close to the edge of the cliff, especially if you don’t know where the edge actually is located!

by Paul Singer, EMF Consultant and Geovital Academy Associate


Thanks for reading. We hope you found this post helpful.

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EMF Home or Office inspections in Los Angeles and Orange County, California

We perform EMF inspections for home or office in L.A. & Orange.

We’re your EMF experts in Southern California.

LA and Orange County have had incredible expansion of EMF radiation in the past 5 years. This radiation is coming from a proliferation of power lines and cell towers (including 5G), but also from ever increasing wi-fi devices being installed almost everywhere.

About EMFs

We test for 4 types of EMF in our inspections: AC Electric Fields, AC Magnetic Fields, Dirty Electricity, and Radio Frequency (RF).

Our advanced EMF testing procedures are designed to:

  • Discover the intensity of EMF in your home or office
  • Determine the source of the EMF’s
  • Remediate the field exposure to ensure you have a safe and healthy space

Our consultancy is here to provide scientific testing, evaluation, measurement and solutions for electromagnetic field radiation for homes and businesses.

Our primary mission is to create healthy and functional indoor environments with low EMF levels through a practical and scientific approach.

> More about EMF and our inspections here!


Not only will we help you determine how to make your entire living space as safe as possible, we will help you create a Sleeping Sanctuary that provides an electromagnetic environment that is as close as possible to a natural one. Your sleeping areas are the most important in the home setting due to the fact that your body needs a super healthy space during sleep.


We’ll come to your place of work and test for the areas that are creating trouble spots for your employees’ health and productivity.

Would you like an EMF inspection?


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EMF Home or Office inspections in Nashville, TN

We perform EMF inspections for home or office in Nashville.

We’re your EMF experts in Nashville.

The Nashville area has been faced with considerable expansion of electromagnetic fields in recent years. This radiation is coming from a proliferation of power lines and cell towers (including 5G), but also from ever increasing wi-fi routers being installed.

About EMFs

We test for 4 types of EMF in our inspections: Radio Frequency, AC Electric Fields, AC Magnetic Fields and Dirty Electricity.

Our advanced EMF testing procedures are designed to:

  • Discover the presence of EMF in your home or office in the Nashville area
  • Determine the source of the EMF’s
  • Remediate the field exposure to ensure you have a safe and healthy space

We formed our consultancy to provide scientific testing, evaluation, measurement and solutions for electromagnetic field radiation for homes and businesses.

Our primary mission is to create healthy and functional indoor environments with low EMF levels through a practical and reasonable approach.


Not only will we help you determine how to make your entire living space as safe as possible, we will help you create a Sleeping Sanctuary that provides an electromagnetic environment that is as close as possible to a natural one. Your sleeping areas are the most important in the home setting due to the fact that your body needs a super healthy space during sleep.


Let us come to your place of work and test for the areas that are creating trouble spots for your employees’ health and productivity.

More about EMF and our inspections here!

Would you like an EMF inspection in your home or place of work?


Pre-purchase EMF inspections in Montreal

Are you looking at buying a new home, but it’s near power lines, or perhaps it’s near a cell tower that looks like it might be too close?

Find out if it’s safe or not.
Contact us for a pre-purchase EMF inspection.

We can test for potential issues, provide details on possible solutions, or simply provide peace of mind before making that real estate purchase.

Why have an EMF Inspection before you buy a home or condo?

Our pre-purchase EMF inspections are tailor made for you. We will identify potential issues that may be caused by radiation from power lines or cell towers. Consider your family’s health. This makes good sense!

In addition, less obvious sources of EMF might exist in the residence you’re considering purchasing. Electrical wiring issues can cause “dirty electricity.” We measure for that as well. Sometimes these wiring issues can cause higher levels of radiation than the power lines. The good news is, these wiring issues can be easily corrected with filtering options.

We look forward to serving you with our full EMF inspection services. Montreal is a great place to live. Let’s ensure you’re safe!

Paul Singer, Geovital trained EMF consultant


EMF inspections in Atlanta, Nashville and Charlotte

We now have an inspector to do EMF testing and inspections in Atlanta, Nashville and Charlotte

nashville atlanta charlotteWhether you have concerns about nearby power lines or cell towers, we are here to help. If you are based in Atlanta , Nashville or Charlotte, we are available to do full office/industrial or home assessments.

We test for all type of harmful EMF radiation that can come from nearby transmission power lines, cell towers, or commercially produced sources (boilers, transformers, equipment, etc.)

Our inspectors are trained by Geovital Academy in the full spectrum of EMF detection and mitigation. 35 years experience in electromagnetic services.

Contact us here to book an appointment

Cell Tower Radiation Testing – RF Exposure Assessment

Radio Frequency RF Testing Services

cell_tower1Updated December 1, 2019

Cell towers are being installed almost everywhere! Look at the top of any building higher than a few stories. Unsightly cell towers. They’re not only aesthetically unappealing, but they can give off high levels of radiation. How high are the RF levels, and are they safe? Let us find out for you.



img_4943EMF Home Inspections performs testing and site assessments for homes, schools, building managers, or municipalities on what the RF levels are near cell phone or broadcast towers.

The report that we produce will allow you to compare measured levels with Maximum Permissible Exposures, precautionary guidelines, and average readings found elsewhere in comparable environments.

If new antennas or towers are planned for your location, we can help you establish a baseline RF level for later comparison (before and after testing). We can provide follow-up readings once the new antennas are installed.emf waves

Use our testing results to empower yourself to make a decision about YOUR RF environment.

Our training is with GEOVITAL ACADEMY, the leader in RF detection and remediation. Our assessment services are powered by the latest training in the full range of electromagnetic knowledge and radiation protection. We use the finest professional meters, with detailed accuracy.

We offer a wide range of remediation options, from simple and affordable advice to various shielding options.


We use advanced meters to perform accurate RF exposure assessments. We test EMF radiation coming from cell towers, antennas, FM/TV, WIMAX, WiFi.

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