Should you be concerned about the Electromagnetic fields in your home or office?

More scientific studies are coming out: beyond a doubt EMF radiation is of great concern.

For optimal health and a better immune system, we need LOW EMF.

The words electromagnetic field (EMF) describe the effects of electrical and magnetic forces on our physical world. You can picture them as waves that spread out in all directions. The waves are reflected and absorbed to produce areas of high and low intensity. Not all wave frequencies are bad. Light can even be regarded as an EMF. Our eyesight is well adapted. But several frequencies do cause us concern, for example those that are produced. by nearby powerlines, cell towers, smart-meters, and now, 5G being beamed down from satellites.

Based on the latest studies, there is growing concern and emperical evidence that EMFs of varying wavelengths attack our health and wellbeing. There are many studies and we’ll be happy to provide a list. Even the World Health Organization (WHO), which has been very conservative on this subject, has now raised concerns based on recent studies.

Studies have emerged that indicate damage to human tissue, cellular structure and the nervous system.

Our team of EMF inspectors and consultants is here to help you measure, identify and reduce the potential harms of electromagnetic fields.



Want to research EMF scientific studies? Dr. Joseph Mercola is a good place to start.

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I am an EMF inspector geobiology consultant with locations in the Southeastern United States, and certified colleagues around the world.

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