Kitchener Home Inspection of electromagnetic fields by Paul Singer, EMF inspector

Profile of Paul Singer, EMF home inspector in Kitchener & Waterloo

Offering the best in EMF testing and avoidance

Updated October 5, 2022

A safe home is one that has low EMF. Let's get it to that level.
  • Paul is trained and certified by Geovital Academy, the foremost EMF detection and mitigation company.
  • Paul is committed to best practices through continuing training, research and education.
  • Inspections are done with the finest EMF testing meters.
  • Complete written report provided on-the-spot following the inspection.
  • Paul and his team have highly effective EMF shielding and filtering products to reduce EMF exposure following our complete home or office inspection.
  • Paul and his team aims to provide you with solid and reasonable mitigation and avoidance techniques as well as peace of mind, by empowering you with knowledge and safe practices.
Paul uses Geovital and other professional grade EMF meters to do our testing


  • Outstanding and caring customer service.
  • Residential (pre-purchase and existing).
  • Commercial properties – investment, light industrial, rental/apartment units


  • 17 years in Kitchener Waterloo.
  • Committed to the community.


Published by EMF Home Inspections

I am an EMF inspector geobiology consultant with locations in the Southeastern United States, and certified colleagues around the world.

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